8 January 2018

Comparaison inter-laboratoires sur l’étalonnage d’un multimètre (2020)

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PT on multimeter calibration

This proficiency testing is about the calibration of a multimeter Fluke 8808A (resolution 5 ½ digits).

Calibration method

Calibration method is not imposed. Internal method of participating laboratory is to be favored.

Calibration points are detailed as follows:

Direct current (DC)

  • DC VOLTAGE: 100mV – 10V – 900V
  • DC CURRENT: 100µA – 100mA – 5A
  • RESISTANCE: 10Ω – 10kΩ – 1MΩ – 50MΩ

Alternating current (AC)

  • AC VOLTAGE: 1V – 100V – 700V
  • AC CURRENT: 10mA – 1A – 9A

The realization of all calibration points is not mandatory.

Organization of the PT in calibration of multimeter

Each participant will have to calibrate the multimeter. It will go from laboratory to laboratory.

The multimeter will be send back periodically to a refence laboratory to ensure its stability between the calibrations.

Description and Subscription at the PT

Download the description and registration forms for this interlaboratory comparison below:

Description sheet

Registration form

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