8 July 2022

Comparaison inter-laboratoires en virucidie (2022)

Essais en cours – inscriptions closes

PT according to EN 14476+A2:2019

This proficiency testing is organized for all laboratories which are accredited or not to ISO 17025 for carrying out quantitative suspension tests for the evaluation of virucidal activity according to EN 14476+A2.

The test organism is: Norovirus murin organism S99 Berlin 

Description and Registration at the PT

Download the description and registration forms for this interlaboratory comparison below:

Description sheet
Registration form

Pour vous inscrire à cette comparaison interlaboratoire, merci de retourner la fiche d’inscription complétée par mail à : cilvirucidie@ct2m.fr

For more information about this PT or if you have any special needs, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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