31 May 2016


Created in 1993, the CT2M is a Technology Center which has 3 main activities:

  • Training, advice, support for laboratories in their Quality and Metrology projects
  • Mass calibration by a COFRAC-accredited expert laboratory (n°2-1292, scope available on www.cofrac.fr)
  • Proficiency testing provider in a variety of fields, on a European scale; accreditation in the field of mass calibration (from 1 mg to 20 kg), under scope no. 1-7127, available at www.cofrac.fr.

The CT2M is a recognized organization in the world of analysis and testing laboratories with strong expertise in the assessment of measurement uncertainties.

Areas of intervention:

  • Metrology through practice
  • Uncertainties estimation
  • Method validation and verification (quantitative, qualitative, calibration)
  • Specialized metrology (weights, pipettes, temperatures, scales, etc.)
  • Laboratories standard (ISO 17025, ISO 17020, ISO 15189, ISO 9001, …)
  • Risk analysis, process approach
  • Become an internal auditor according to ISO 17025
  • Support for COFRAC accreditation
  • Internal quality control, inter-laboratory comparisons, control charts, etc.
  • QAL 1, QAL 2, QAL 3 and AST

Possibilities of intervention:

  • Training
  • Support
  • Diagnostic
  • Audit preparation
  • Internal audit
  • Technical assistance
  • Technical studies
  • Expertise

CT2M is COFRAC accredited for masses calibration (accreditation No. 2-1292 – scope available on www.cofrac.fr) and as proficiency testing provider in the field of masses calibration (accreditation No. 1-7127 – scope available on www.cofrac.fr).

CT2M management system complies with ISO 9001.

The CT2M welcomes you to St Chamas in France