1 septembre 2023

Training about Estimation of uncertainties in microbiology of chemical disinfectants (MS12B)

Duration: 1 day


  • Concept of uncertainty and notions of metrology:
    • The metrological characteristics of an analytical method in microbiology
    • What is uncertainty? Why calculate them?
    • Taking into account uncertainties in the interpretation of the result
  • Simple statistical tools: dispersion and position parameters, distribution laws
  • Estimating uncertainties in microbiology:
    • Overview of existing standards
    • Methodologies for estimating measurement uncertainties for quantitative determinations in the field of chemical antiseptics and disinfectants: methods based on EN ISO 19036, and on ISO 5725-2 and ISO 21748.
    • Application exercises of both uncertainty calculation methodologies based on ISO 5725-2 and NF EN ISO 19036
    • Construction by trainees of calculation files for the estimation of uncertainties in Excel.

Target audience: Laboratory engineers and technicians, quality manager, metrology manager

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