10 April 2017

Comparaison inter-laboratoires sur l’étalonnage de pipettes (2023-2024)

Publication du rapport final : septembre 2024

The inter-laboratory comparison on the calibration of automatic micropipettes targets calibration laboratories (accredited according to ISO 17025) as well as test and analysis laboratories carrying out their own calibrations and/or controls of their micropipettes.

Calibration of pipettes by gravimetry

The recommended calibration method is the gravimetric method according toISO 8655-6, with 10 weighings.However, any other method may be used.

Caractéristiques des Pipettes

  • 1 pipette 2-20 μl,
  • 1 pipette 20-200 μl,
  • 1 pipette 1-10 ml.

Organisation de la CIL Pipettes

Chaque participant devra étalonner les pipettes dans un délai d’une semaine. Les instruments circuleront d’un participant à l’autre à partir de septembre 2023, suivant le planning transmis en début de campagne.

Descriptif et Inscription à la CIL Pipettes

Download the fact sheet and registration form for this interlaboratory comparison below:

Fact sheet

Registration form

To register for this interlaboratory comparison, please return the completed registration form by email to: cilpipettes@ct2m.fr

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