10 April 2017

Comparaison inter-laboratoires sur l’étalonnage de pipettes (2021)

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The interlaboratory comparison on the calibration of automatic pipettes targets calibration laboratories (accredited according to ISO 17025 or not), but also testing and analysis laboratories carrying out their own calibrations and / or controls. of their own pipettes.

Calibration of pipettes by gravimetry

The recommended calibration method is the gravimetric method according toISO 8655-6, with 10 weighings.However, any other method may be used.

Pipettes caracteristics

The characteristics of the pipettes will be communicated shortly.

Organization of the PT

Each laboratory will calibrate three variable volume micropipettes which circulate in participating laboratories. The instruments will return regularly to a reference laboratory to ensure their stability between the different calibrations of the participants.

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