30 May 2016


The CT2M is certified according to Référentiel National Qualité The CT2M is certified according to the Qualiopi National Quality Standard (RNQ) for all of its face-to-face and online training.

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@ Distance learning


MG1 - Metrology through practice
@MG1B - Advanced Metrology
@MG1C - Know how to assess the levels of risk when making a declaration of conformity
@MG2 - Estimation of calibration and test uncertainties
@MG2B - Estimation of calibration uncertainties and compilation of method validation files
@MG3 - Validation of quantitative methods
@MG3B - Validation of qualitative methods
@MG3C - Methods performance monitoring
@MG3D - The requirements of GEN REF 10 and the validation of calibration methods
@MG4 - Estimation of analytical uncertainties according to ISO 11352
@MG5 - Control charts
@MG6 - Become a Metrology Manager
@MG7 - Metrology Awareness
@MG8 - Operation of Interlaboratory Comparison
@MG9 - Awareness of estimation uncertainties
@MG10 - Monte Carlo method for estimating uncertainties
@MG11 - Uncertainties and calibration functions
@MG12 - Laboratory Statistics


MS1 - Metrology of masses and scales
@MS2 - Measure gaseous pollutants - QUAL1,2,3 and AST
MS3 - Temperatures Metrology
MS4 - Volumes Metrology
MS4B – Perfectionnement à la métrologie des volumes (NOUVEAUTE 2024)
MS5 - Metrology of pH meters
@MS6 - Metrology, uncertainties and methods validation in the nuclear field
@MS7 - Prepackages Metrology
MS8 - Dimensional metrology
MS10 – Metrology in the electrical field
@MS11 – Metrology in the air sampling laboratory
@MS12 - Estimation of uncertainties in microbiology
@MS12B – Estimation of uncertainties in microbiology of chemical disinfectants (NEW 2024)


@Q1 - Understanding and implementing ISO 17025:2017
@Q1C - Applicable COFRAC documents
@Q2 - Become an internal auditor according to ISO 17025
@Q3 - Prepare for the COFRAC audit
@Q4 - Internal audit development
@Q5 - Process approach
@Q6 - Knowing how to audit the metrology function
@Q7 – Become a Quality Manager in laboratories
@Q8 - Become a Laboratory Technical Manager
@Q9 - Become an internal auditor according to ISO 17020
@Q10 - Understanding and implementing ISO 9001:2015
@Q12 - Understanding and implementing ISO 15189: 2022
@Q12B - Developments in ISO 15189:2022 (NOUVEAUTE 2024)
@Q13 - Risk and Opportunity Approach
@14 - Understanding and implementing ISO 17043:2023
@Q15 - Management of the information system according to GEN GTA 02 and validation of calculation files
@Q16 - Managing the skills of accredited laboratory staff (NOUVEAUTE 2024)
@Q17 - Understanding and implementing ISO 17034 (NOUVEAUTE 2024)


@LBM1 – Improving the estimation of uncertainties in medical laboratories
@LBM2 - Metrology in Medical Laboratory
@LBM3 - Validation/verification of methods




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