4 January 2018

Comparaison inter-laboratoires sur l’étalonnage de masses / Proficiency testing on mass calibration (2021-2022)

PT in progress in France only

The interlaboratory comparison on the calibration of masses targets accredited calibration laboratories (according to ISO 17025) but also testing and analysis laboratories carrying out their own calibrations and / or controls of their own masses.

PT on masses calibration

This proficiency testing is about the calibration of 8 masses (OIML class E2):

2mg, 20mg, 200mg, 2g, 20g, 200g, 2kg and 20kg

Calibration by comparison

The preferred calibration method is the reference method. It consists in the comparison of the mass to be calibrated with a calibration mass of equivalent nominal value, using a comparator or scale. The number of replicates and calibration cycles is left to the laboratory's discretion considering that the routine procedure must be used.

It is not mandatory to calibrate all the masses provided for this proficiency testing.

A detailed protocol will be provided to each participant at the beginning of the campaign.

Organization of the PT in calibration of Masses

Each laboratory must calibrate the masses within one week, according to its availability, previously communicated to the PT coordinator. All the masses will circulate successively in the participating laboratories.

Description and Subscription at the PT

Download the description and registration forms for this interlaboratory comparison below:

Description sheet Registration form

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